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Providing small business solutions.

Montreal web designer and integrator, GB Web & Graphic Design, builds great looking CMS sites. My clients walk away satisfied and in complete control of their site. My sites are built responsive, which means they are completely mobile friendly. Not only are all my sites built to your complete liking, they’re built to rank well too.

My focus is web design because that is what I love! I combine the latest graphic and web design trends along with your tastes and needs. I strive to give you a site you will love and that will professionally project your image as well as mine!

Editing your raw videos.

Video editing  is not only rearranging, adding and removing sections of a clip, adding transitions between sections, performing color correction, removing undesired objects from a clip, stabilizing it or adding music. It is all of the above and more; but mainly, it is understanding what the desired outcome is by creating a flow, a rhythm, and a mood to achieve that outcome and tell a story.

Contact me for all of your video editing needs. I will create a final video to your satisfaction.

My sites perform better online.

All of my sites are responsive, which means they’re optimized to look great on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. With me, you’ll get a latest-technology site that looks great and performs just as well!

For all of your online needs, get the Montreal web designer and integrator that will get results without requiring a second mortgage. Contact  me today at

You can count on me.


In today’s world, your business’ reputation depends greatly on your online image. Your business needs a web designer and integrator that takes its work as seriously as you do. I am  that designer. I work tirelessly to understand my clients’ needs and expectations. I then deliver beautiful sites that look as great as they had hoped.

No Matter Your Location, GB Web & Graphic Design Can Serve You!

Video Editing.

Multilingual and Responsive Websites.


Always improving to provide optimum service!
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