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Latest Video Edited

Description: Done with footage received from Domino's Pizza employees from all over Canada and taken with all kind of devices (phones, tablets, cams, etc.). There was no script, no storyboard, only lot of footage and a green light to come up with something fun and dynamic in 4 days! It was challenging but fun!
Editing: Gustavo Berdugo
Length: 0:2:56
Editing tools: Premiere Pro, After Effects and Adobe Illustrator.
Date: April 30th - 2017

GB and Humanitarian Causes

I am having the pleasure of contributing as a volunteer to a wonderful humanitarian cause; the International Widows and Orphans Fund (IWOF) in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. They help widows and orphans in Congo, Africa. Here is a sample to the small animated presentations of each child. You may always see them at their Facebook page: Facebook Congo Grace Orphanage. This organization is doing an amazing job by helping these children whom really need our help.

Recap from KQK Fall/Winter 17-18 collection at Fashion Preview #7
Location: Agora Hydro-Québec de l'UQAM (Montreal, Canada)
Videography and editing: Gustavo Berdugo

Length: 0:1:54
Editing tools: Premiere Pro, After Effects and Adobe Illustrator.
Date: March 27th - 2017

MTL Urban Nature.

* Selected for the A.R.T ( A Reel Theater) and Carnicade exhibition Night #3 - Montreal. Feb 27th-2017. Link here.
Montreal’s Canal de Lachine, ideal for

working-out, jogging, biking, relaxing, meditating or just spending your day surrounded by nature, tranquility, fresh air and fantastic scenery.
Length: 0:3:31
Edited with Premiere Pro and After Effects.
Sound effects: Wind, birds, drillers, trains, cars, city background, etc. courtesy of Sound Bible and mixed with Premiere Pro.
Footage: Canon Vixia HF R600 camcorder.

Clean Fresh Air - Saint Laurent Street Festivities

* ...So I had a long flat shot of a group of Hip Hop dancers that are usually in every summer downtown festivity in Montreal. If you hangout in downtown Montreal in the summer; then probably you must have seen them. Read More...

The footage was done on Saint Laurent street. It is a flat shot, long and kind of static, no lighting, no camera movements, absolutely bad sound, no nothing; just the great performance of these guys. My question was ... how can make this shot more interesting, a bit more dynamic and more enjoyable?
So I did not stabilized it (to maintain its urban flavor), added visual effects, added sound effects, did some color grading, added some lighting effects to control de viewers’ attention and more … The most challenging part was to synchronize the score (music) with the performers rhythm and motions.
Length: 0:3:27
Edited with Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop.
Footage: Canon Vixia HF R600 camcorder.

A Girl Who Couldn't Run.

* Song/video chosen for a CBC TV/Music contest. Link to vote for the song:
Song and lyrics related to the current war situation in Syria. Read More...

Video with strong images.
Video editing: Gustavo Berdugo.
Producer: Silvo
Length: 0:6:26
Video editing tools: Premiere Pro and After Effects.

KQK SS17 fashion preview.

Recap from KQK SS17 presentation at Fashion Preview.
Length: 0:1:19
Edited with Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Footage: Canon Vixia HF R600 camcorder.

Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal.

My first sports video! Footage (cycling) taken with my Canon Vixia HF R600 camcorder and having its setting at “sports” for fast moving objects. First time I use this setting ... Read More...

and therefore first time editing and compositing this type of footage. Luma correction was done by enhancing contrast. Increased colors vibrancy by adjusting saturation due to the nature of the clip, stabilization was performed in some clips (not all of them, I choose which ones to stabilize), some other minor effects where applied.
Cam: Canon Vixia HF R600 camcorder.
Length: 0:1:36
Tools: Premiere pro and After effects.

Recap of Motoneige MTL Xtrem.

Feb 5th-2017 - World snowmobiling champions performing aerial tricks in the heart of downtown Montreal.
Videography/editing: Gustavo Berdugo.

Cam: Canon Vixia HF R600 camcorder.
Length: 0:1:56
Tools: Premiere pro and After effects.
Music: Something To Believe In.

Web closed captioning demo reel.

Closed captioning demo reel done with Premiere Pro CS6. Web style.
Video editing: Gustavo Berdugo.
Length: 0:0:53

Music Video - Before You Accuse Me.

Multicam video (4 Cams). Special thanks to Frameline TV for allowing editors worldwide to download and use their multicam 4 raw footage for video editing training purposes.Read More...

Video editing: Gustavo Berdugo.
Length: 0:3:24

Web Ad - GB Video Editing Services.

Cam: Canon Vixia HF R600 camcorder.
Length: 0:1:08
Tools: Premiere pro, After effects, Audition.

GB Editing your footage.

Video editing is not only rearranging, adding/removing parts of a footage, transitions, performing color correction, removing undesired objects, stabilizing or adding music. It is all of the above and more; but mainly, it is understanding what the desired outcome is by creating a flow, a rhythm, and a mood to achieve that outcome and tell a story.

Contact Me and I will create a final video to your satisfaction.

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