Montreal Web Design and Video Editing Freelancer

Montreal web design and video editing freelancer, Gustavo Berdugo, has made its name through personalized customer service and fantastic websites and videos. It’s more than just a slogan for me; it’s why I am in business.

Gustavo Berdugo builds more than websites and edits videos

I’ve worked with enough clients to know that their websites or their videos are not just a site or a video. They are a branch of their business; an extension of their work. That is why I only provide personalized service. I take the time to learn about your needs. I invest all of my energy and skills into making your site or video to your satisfaction.
Since I mostly work with small businesses, I understand the investment required to get to where you are. As an freelancer myself, I relate with the investment of time, money and more time and more money. I know that starting a business is more than just earning a living, it is often to live a dream. I do everything I can to provide a site or a video that best reflects your dreams and hopes.

Don’t settle for less
It is true that there is no lack of web designers and video editors out there. You could probably get someone to design your site or edit your footage on any street corner. However, getting it done well is a different thing.
Gustavo Berdugo prides itself on well designed, high functioning sites and well thought videos. The websites and videos I create always reflect your tastes as well as the latest trends in the field.

My websites are built to respect W3C standards – which means they respect standards set by the international community in regards to the world wide web. I build my sites on a CMS (WordPress), which allows you to control updates and content after I am done. I build them to adapt to the device being used (i.e. mobile phone). I build world class websites for small businesses.
Don’t let just any designer or video editor to build your site or edit your footage. Don’t take a chance. The Internet, social media and video marketing has become a vital channel for business, don’t risk it with just any designer or video editor. Go with a professional. Go with Gustavo Berdugo!